A project created by music & friendship


Our story

It started almost 20 years ago, when me [Zsolt], as a young, wannabe guitar player met Arthur Hompoth at the local music store, who become my mentor, friend and later college. He not only introduced me a to a whole new world of music but also to the local palette of musicians. Lóránt Szabó was within the first people I’ve met this way, and he quickly became to be one of my closest friend. He once brought a CD to me with some new music on it, and casually mentioned that it also contains a software which I could use to make drums so I could practice the guitar. At that moment I already new that I would not only try to make drums with it, but actual music. That wish; however, wasn’t fulfilled for years to come, even though I’ve been making tens of songs, nothing sounded like I would have wanted. Nonetheless, my output was huge, I’ve made songs for exhibition openings, experimental movies and all sorts of amateur projects that we’ve been working on with my very good friend Mircea Luncan, a life artist who was making films and drums at that time.

At one point, a new band was on the horizon that was supposed to replace the DJ accompanied jam sessions. The initiative came from Brutus, a local event organizer who gathered all these great musicians that later became to form the band called Tündérground that played a unique fusion of different styles. All of the members are outstanding musicians, so it’s not a surprise that when they took one of my badly mixed demo and turned into a live setup, it sounded beautiful and made a remark on me so huge that I decided that I have to turn my music into something that involves more instruments an hopefully will be played live in the future.

A few years later Arthur and Lóránt were invited to play at the Mikó castle for an event. They thought this would be a good opportunity to turn a few of my songs into a live act and thus, the first Involved Channel concert took place. Since then, Lóránt became a constant partner in this journey, working on drums, mixing and mastering and basically all the technical stuff that I don’t know much about. For over 8 years we’ve been working through Skype, Dropbox and other tools to connect the thousands of km distance between the different countries we’ve been living in. While Arthur – being a full time musician – never really wanted to join the band fully, he has always been there to helps us out whenever we had a chance to play live. The same is true for Sándor Orbók, who not only is a great critic of our music, therefore we learn a lot from his contribution, but he’s also a great bass player who occasionally joined us for a live session.

Lóránt Szabó.
drums, mixing & mastering, live setup


Passion that grows stronger every day.

I’ve been involved in experimenting with rhythm for over 25 years on acoustic & electronic percussion instruments as well as drums. My passion for music and sound engineering keeps growing as time passes. I have played in bands such as Fabatka, Ritmo del Flamenco, Battery Bunny. I currently play in Tündéground and Involved Channel while I work as a full time sound engineer.


Zsolt Ercsei
guitar & composition


I make music that I would like to listen to

I work as a designer while keeping music as a passion. I never wanted to turn this project into a full time job. Not to say that I wouldn’t like it to become successful, but more like I wouldn’t want to write music for anyone else. I make music that I would like to listen to, and to keep this freedom, we never took it as a source of income but more of a project that we built with passion